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The Washington D.C. Silhouettes

Of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.


President’s Message


It is a pleasure to greet you on behalf of the DC Silhouettes! 

As we move forward in 2022 still navigating CoVid-19 and all of the variants associated with this virus, I would like to offer a prayer for comfort and peace to those that have suffered during the last two years because of this virus.  I encourage compassion and faith as we begin to live with and understand our current state of normal.  I also encourage you to be mindful of your feelings and frustrations with our existing situation.  Know that it is during these times we need to reach out, lean on or connect with those we have not talked to or seen in a while. It is most important to know it’s okay to steal a few moments for yourself too.  Consider a minute or two to just breath, meditate, take a walk or listen to your favorite song which just might lead to you dance, smile and enjoy a few moments of fun!

Be intentional with your thoughts, words and actions and the rest is a piece of cake!

Katrina D. Jones

President, DC Silhouettes